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About Mythic

Looking at life through a lens of myth and symbolism can reveal layers of meaning that usually remain obscured or hidden. In the Mythic podcast, host Boston Blake explores archetypal themes in ancient legends and modern media.

  • myth and folklore
  • Jungian psychology
  • Superheroes
    (Wonder Woman, lots of Wonder Woman)
  • sci-fi
  • pop culture
  • history
  • current events
  • your personal issues

Nothing is off-limits!

The Mythic perspective may forever change the way you think about your favorite stories--and yourself.

Caution: Listening to this podcast may contribute to increased synchronicity in your life.

Upcoming Events

Here are several upcoming virtual events I'm super-excited about. If you If you enjoy swimming in the deep end of the mythological pool, join me for deeper learning and exploration. These are not affiliate links. My only involvement in these programs is as an attendee. 

The Call & Purpose Summit

Jung Platform

June 19-22


4-day online Summit with 12 of the world’s top Jungian Analysts and Spiritual Teachers. With 3 sessions daily, you’ll get the chance to:

1. Recognize and engage with your unique call

2. Learn about ‘coincidence’ and serendipity as signposts on your personal journey

3. Discover your personal myth and learn about your genius

4. Turn towards what you deeply love and move in the direction where you feel most alive

The Mythologium

Fates & Graces
July 30-Aug. 1

$175 general / $125 students

2 and 1/2 day conference and retreat for mythologists and friends of myth. Think Plato’s symposium meets mythological studies. A gymnasium for the mythic mind. At the Mythologium, scholars of mythology present their work, and we spark inspiration through panels, poetry, and social gatherings.

Certificate in Applied Mythology

Pacifica Graduate Institute
June 28-Aug. 13


Drawing on the sacred stories of many times and places, the Certificate invites you to apply what you learn to a variety of life areas, including self-development, love and family life, work and career, spirituality, consciousness, and personal creativity. You will also learn and practice the crafts of storytelling—including the science behind why it’s so effective—and ceremony creation for workshops and professional presentations.

About the Host

Boston Blake is the host of the Mythic podcast. He does all the other things too--writing, producing, editing, and promotion. This is a one-man operation, folks!

As a counselor, coach, and instructor, Boston helps clients and students discover greater meaning and depth in their lives.

Over the past 20 years, he's been a professional actor, writer, and massage therapist. And like any legit actor, he has worked in nearly every area of service and hospitality. (He'd like you to know he loved it. Well, most of it.)

This varied background has led him to an understanding of a fundamental paradox: We all share a common human experience, but every human's experience is totally unique. He'd like to be "a bridge to a greater understanding." You know, like Wonder Woman. But he'll settle for course instructor.

Boston holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from C.I.I.S. and is a Certified Trainer for Everything DiSC®. He enjoys creative swearing, Wonder Woman comics, and writing about himself in the third person.